New arrival! Vintage 1992 Fangoria Magazine trading cards $3 a pack! #kokorokoko #fangoria #magazine #horror #zombie #freddy #fridaythe13th #nightmareonelmstreet #zombi #scary #monster #slasher #chicago (at kokorokoko)

My greatest loves, John Waters and Horror Films, come together in the May 2011 issue of Rue Morgue (#111) with amazing cover art by Mitch O’Connell.  Thanks to my buddy Eric for telling me about this one!  I would have fainted had I seen this in the store and not known about it ahead of time.
In related news, for the last few years I’ve been going to different Horror Movie Conventions in and around Ohio but I’ve never been more excited for the one coming this July 1-3 in Indianapolis.  It’s called Days of the Dead and among the long list of amazing guests are Edward Furlong (PECKER) and Traci Lords (CRY-BABY, SERIAL MOM)!!  Do you think I should show her this pic of me being ridiculous?